Replace your Conventional Boiler with a Heat Pump

Able to reduce between 40-60% of the cost of non-renewable sources of heating, our heat pumps for homes are ideal for creating a greener lifestyle while saving money.

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Lower Your Carbon Footprint Through A Domestic Heat Pump

While a relatively new introduction to the world of green technology, domestic heat pumps are proven to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy bills.

The pumps are designed to absorb atmospheric air and transform it into heat which is then used to heat your home and also provide hot water systems. As heat pumps utilise electricity, they are ideal for pairing with your Solar PV and Energy Storage.

Warm Your Home Using An Air Source Heat Pump

Considering your property type, current renewable technology and heating preferences, we will pair you with the best-fitting solution. We have a range of options that will suit your requirements.

For homes, we provide air source heat pumps; these operate using the following process:


Absorb Heat

An air source heat pump consists of a network of tubes filled with a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the outside air.


Increase Temperature

When the air reaches the refrigerant, it is compressed, and the temperature is increased.


Release Heat

The stored heat is released and then sent to your radiators and hot water system.


Store Any Excess

Any excess heat can be stored in your hot water cylinder.

Reap The Benefits Of A Heat Pump

Our goal is always to ensure that our customers are equipped with the knowledge, tools and advice they need to take full advantage of their investment. With this in mind, when installing one of our heat pumps for homes, you will enjoy a wealth of benefits, such as:

Low Running Costs

Not only does a heat pump only require a small amount of electricity to power, but they also require little maintenance, especially when compared to a traditional gas boiler.

Up To 300% More Efficient

As heat pumps transfer freely available heat energy from one location to another, they are more efficient than any other heating system, especially when combined with renewable power.

Government Grant Available

Homeowners can apply for a grant of up to £7,500 towards the cost of their heat pump, and our team would happily guide you through the application process.

We offer a quick turnaround on installations!

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