Energy Storage For Business Use

Take advantage of innovative technology and begin creating a greener, cost effective and energy independent future for your brand through our tailored energy storage for business use.

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Become Self-Sufficient Through Commercial Energy Storage

The growing volatility of the energy market combined with the government’s net-zero emissions target means there has never been more pressure on businesses to go green and reduce their reliance on the grid. With this in mind, Ampergia is on a journey to support brands on their journey to sustainability through reliable commercial energy storage solutions and renewable power generation.

Scalable Solutions To Future-Proof Your Business

Using the experience of our skilled Research and Development team, we match businesses to bespoke energy storage and generation solutions such as lithium batteries, solar panels, and micro inverter-based storage systems. These allow you to store and efficiently utilise all clean energy generated through your microgrid or solar PV panels. As a result, you will avoid peak energy prices, operate independently and even earn revenue by selling your excess energy back to the grid.

We’re In Partnership With Industry Leaders in Commercial Batteries

Delivering the highest quality is our priority, which is why we work in collaboration with leading brands to provide businesses with exceptionally advanced commercial energy storage solutions. These include:

TS-I HV 80

Equipped with an integrated inverter and energy management system, the TS-I HV 80 was the first system.

TS HV 70

The TS HV 70 is available as both an indoor and outdoor option and is one of the most powerful storage systems on the market.

TS 48 V

As the low voltage option, the TS 48 V is super flexible, allowing it to be tailored to suit any application.

All energy storage solutions come alongside a 10-year warranty.

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Our Solutions Promise A Wealth Of Features

Compatible with solar, wind, hydroelectric or combined heat and power sources, our storage systems have become industry leaders, thanks to their superior performance and reliability. These solutions, which are deal for both commercial and industrial use also deliver the following benefits:

  • Outputs ranging from 10 kWh to 100 MWh.
  • Fitted with a TÜV-certified Active Battery Optimizer (ABO).
  • On-grid or off-grid options are available.
  • Equipped with a smart-cell control system.