Microgrid Solutions

Generate, distribute and store your own clean energy through our tailor-made microgrid solutions, all designed, installed and maintained by our skilled industry specialists.

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We Specialise In Bespoke Microgrid Solutions

With the uncertainty in the energy market and the ever increasing cost of energy along with Government mandate to achieve net-zero targets, it is imperative for businesses to lower their energy costs and carbon footprint. There are now a significant number of options to build a greener future for your brand. By far, one of the most effective, long-term solutions is to produce, distribute and consume self-generated clean energy through a microgrid.

Our microgrid solutions are designed to allow our customers to supply their own energy locally through a group of interconnected energy systems. These can either be completely independent or still integrated with the national grid, ideal for future-proofing your business.

With the microgrid solutions, businesses can save significant amount on their energy costs and improve their profitability.

Installing Your Microgrid Has Never Been Easier

Considering your industrial energy demands, consumption and business preferences, we will devise a bespoke microgrid solution, combining several clean energy systems sourced from leading manufacturers.

Solar Panels

Should you generate excess power, this is stored in your battery system, allowing you to utilise this at night or on those grey days.

Storage Batteries

Working in collaboration with our partners, we provide a range of storage battery types, all fully scalable to allow you to store excess energy to utilise at night or during peak tariff periods.

CHP Plants

Our CHP solutions enable excess heat that would otherwise be wasted to be captured and used as a source of electricity to provide your business with heating or to power your air conditioning.

Our Technology

Our energy management system seamlessly connects all the above solutions and provide one view of your energy consumption, the cost savings and the carbon reduction in real-time. This way you have a complete control of your energy usage and demand.

Our Micro Grid Solutions Come With Multi-Year Warranty!

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Microgrid Energy To Power All Industry Types

Our experienced energy consultants have been providing solutions to businesses of all scales and industries for a number of years. Just some examples of the types of organisation that would benefit from microgrid energy include:

  • Care Homes
  • Data Centres
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets
  • Manufacturers
  • Business Parks
  • Any other industry which consumes high energy

Enjoy The Benefits Of Your Microgrid Solution

Your business can reap the following benefits by installing microgrid solutions:

Your tailored microgrid solution will allow you to:

  • Dramatically reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve energy reliability and resilience
  • Significantly lower on-site energy costs
  • Reduce reliance on the grid altogether in some cases
  • Provide efficient, low-cost clean energy
  • Earn revenue by selling excess green energy to your energy supplier