Commercial Solar Panels

Use the power of the sun to generate your own energy and dramatically lower your carbon footprint. Our commercial solar panels are designed to address your specific energy consumption and industry requirements.

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Generate Clean Energy Through Business Solar Panels

Our commercial grade solar panels, also known as Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV), use sunlight to provide clean electricity, lowering costs and providing reliable, renewable, on-site energy generation. This allows businesses to exploit the value of existing assets such as the roof, car park, or ground space, generating a cost-effective source of green energy and reducing the dependency on the grid.

We Provide Fully Managed Commercial Solar Panel Installation

With years of experience working across a range of industries, we understand the importance of smooth, reliable installations. For this reason, we use a streamlined process to maximise efficiency:


Schedule your initial site assessment

The assessment will be used to analyse your current energy usage patterns, site requirements and your power generation preferences.


Work with our team to create a bespoke solution

Your commercial solar panel solution will be tailored exclusively to your business, and we use specialist software to calculate your savings and return on investement into installing our PV solution.


Book your installation at your convenience

We recognise that time is money for any business, which is why our installations are scheduled at your convenience and to minimise disruption.


Enjoy ongoing support and maintenance

Our installations come with a multi-year warranty which includes maintenance and ongoing support from Ampergia.

Book a site assessment with a dedicated energy consultant.

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How Can Our Commercial Solar PV Benefit Your Business?

Installing commercial PV would help your business save significant cost on the energy bills whilst reducing the effect of the uncertainty in the energy market. This will also provide relief from ever increasing energy prices and helps to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions. More reasons why our clients continue to join the de-carbonisation movement through green energy include:

  • Up to 30% reduction in your electricity costs.
  • Up to 100% sustainable power generation.
  • Up to 50% offset in grid consumption.

Types Of Solar PV For Business Use

During your initial assessment, we will also determine which solar panel style best fits your site specifications and power demands. We will then suggest one of the following types of solar PV for business use:

Roof Solar Panels

As the most popular option, roof solar panels not only capture optimum energy but as they shield the roof, will offer protection from the elements and will help to keep your building at a steady temperature.

Ground Solar Panels

Ground solar panels are ideal for sites where power demand is high, but roof space is limited. These sit on a frame tailor-made to suit your needs and will tilt to optimise sunlight at every hour of the day.

Floating Solar Panels

For commercial buildings near water, floating solar panels are ideal as they will not consume any valuable land space. They will, however, require a planning application for the installation to move forward.