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Combining advanced technology with constant product evolution, Ampergia delivers practical, affordable and long-lasting home EV chargers.

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Affordable and Quality Electric Car Chargers For Every Home

We are on a mission to make our client’s transition to a greener lifestyle as straightforward as possible and, as such, we specialise in efficient and affordable electric car chargers for home.

These not only provide complete control over your charging needs but are effortlessly managed via an interactive smart app. The app features state-of-the-art tracking for carbon impact and energy consumption, along with competitive tariffs for cost efficiency.

Electric Vehicle Home Chargers From Leading Manufacturers

We offer electric car home chargers with different colour options. We also provide and install electric car chargers from client preferred manufacturers to ensure that homeowners are provided with a solution that fulfils their requirements. These include both wall-mounted and freestanding units designed for leading car manufacturers.

Our Home EV Charging Points Come With a Wealth of Benefits

Our goal is to provide homeowners with affordable home EV charging points without compromising on exceptional quality. With this in mind, additional benefits include:

Flexible Installations

Begin using our home EV chargers without delay, thanks to our quick installation turnaround time.

Control Over Usage

Not only can you optimise for off-peak tariffs but also maximise your grid energy usage, both to save money.

Bespoke Units Available

You will have the flexibility to manufacture your home EV charging point bespoke, ensuring complete value for money.

Secure Communication

Our electric car chargers for home are integrated with fully secure apps, allowing you to communicate between the two with reassurance.

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For all enquiries regarding the installation of our electric vehicle home chargers, the Ampergia team are available via both email and telephone. Our team of professionals are committed to understanding your requirements, providing the most appropriate and effective solutions, projecting delivery time and providing funding options if needed.