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Ampergia delivers unique home energy storage solutions, including lithium batteries and micro inverter-based storage systems, allowing you to maximise your efficiency.

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All installations come with upto 10-year warranty as standard!

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Advanced Home Energy Storage Solutions

With any renewable power generator, you will inevitably create more energy than you need – this is where your home energy storage will come in. Energy storage solutions are a hugely beneficial investment, allowing you to:

Make The Most Out Of Your Power

Should you generate excess power, this is stored in your battery system, allowing you to utilise this at night or on those grey days.

Gain Greater Energy Security

Generating and storing your own power means no reliance on the expensive conventional power source, so you will not be impacted if it were ever to go down or prices rise.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Investing in home energy storage allows you to take one step closer to self-sufficiency, dramatically reducing your carbon footprint.

Save Money On Energy Bills

During peak energy periods, instead of paying higher fees, you can take full advantage of the power you have generated and then stored.

In Partnership With Global Reputed Brands

Ampergia is proud to join forces with the esteemed energy storage providers globally to provide homeowners with the latest technologies. As specialists in innovative, sustainable storage systems, our partners provide prismatic lithium battery cells from Samsung SDI. These are combined with a TÜV-certified Active Battery Optimiser (ABO) and smart cell control system to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

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Not Sure Whether Home Energy Storage Is For You?

Having worked closely with homeowners to help them reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint for years, we recognise that every property is unique. For this reason, we spend time understanding your requirements before piecing together a home energy storage solution.


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We will analyse factors such as your current usage, how much you are generating and your storage preferences.


Create Your Tailored Package

Your bespoke solution will detail factors such as your monthly and annual savings, future carbon footprint and more.


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One of our certified installers will visit your home at a time and date that works for you to fit your energy storage.


Receive Ongoing Support

All systems come with years of warranty which covers maintenance. Our team will also be on hand for support.