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Take the first steps to build a sustainable home and gain energy independence through home solar panels, all supplied, fitted and maintained by our highly reputable, experienced specialists.

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Build A Greener Future Through Home Solar Panels

With a growing pressure to take a greener approach to our lifestyle choices, home solar panels remain a hugely popular way to reduce your carbon footprint while also becoming more self-sufficient.

Home solar panels are perfect for generating free, clean energy to power your property, ideal if you plan to reduce your reliance on the conventional power sources and gain greater control over how your energy is used.

Our Solar PV For Homes Boast Exceptional Features

As a customer of Ampergia, you will have access to the latest, high-tech solar PV for homes, guaranteeing a superb return on investment. Our solutions come alongside a wealth of features, including:

  • Multi-year warranty covering maintenance.
  • Manage your solar panels via a smart app.
  • Track your energy usage in real-time.
  • Low cost without compromising quality.
  • Integrate with smart home devices.

Our home solar panel packages are created bespoke!

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Combine Your Domestic Solar PV With Energy Storage

At Ampergia, our goal is to pair our customers with comprehensive clean energy generation solutions. For this reason, your domestic solar PV package can be fully customised to include the installation and maintenance of energy storage. These systems are designed to store all excess energy generated, ideal for use during peak tariff times, at night, on greyer days, or even to power your EV charger.

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We’re Experts In Installing Solar Panels For Homes

We work closely with our customers to unlock the full potential of solar panels for homes, providing the products, resources and advice they need to succeed in their journey to sustainability.

Years Of Experience

Our reputable consultants have spent years in the energy industry and are known for their commitment to impeccable customer service.

Personal, Bespoke Service

Every property is unique, which is why we develop tailored packages based on your energy consumption, usage preferences and more.

End-To-End Support

From the initial installation through to maintenance, your dedicated consultant will always be on hand to provide complete support.